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Welcome to Clinicaldent Institute - Your Dental Clinic in Lisbon and innovative excellence in dentistry and other Medical specialties. Your dentist in Lisbon and Loures.

Our Locations

Located in central Lisbon, the Dental Clinic of Entrecampos are available all specialties in the field of dentistry, combining the latest technology with a demanding quality standards at affordable rates.

Avenida Das Forças Armadas, 61A
1600-077  Lisboa

The Dental Clinic of Portela, Loures, dental consultations are available and also works of the prosthesis laboratories .

Centro Comercial da Portela, Lj 23 R/C
Rotunda Nuno R. Santos
2685-223 Loures

Using the most modern technologies and with a demanding standard of quality, our clinic also has a specialized team of skilled professionals in every area of ​​treatment.

Our dental clinic offers you a complete treatment plan with free quote and the form of payment that best suits your needs.

The clinic operates on extended hours, in a place of easy access and offers various forms of contact that has greater convenience in scheduling their appointments.

Working Hours

Monday to Sunday, including holidays from 08:00 to 24:00 (non stop).
For any clarification you need, do not hesitate to contact us.


Your dental prothesis left?

We currently have available a new time of our dental laboratory, with service to the public from 9am to 23h, every day, from Monday to Sunday, where it is made the repair on the same day!


You need an emergency appointment?

Your prosthesis left? You have pain? He broke off a tooth? Our clinic has an emergency 24 hour service where you can be served at any time or day of the week. Just contact us to be attended by one of our health professionals at the time!


You are concerned with your mouth because you need to put Dental Implants ?

Similarly leading orthodontics consultation, Dr. Susana Martins with fifteen years of experience in Dental Implants, bringing you the concepts of technical and scientific vanguard that you will bring back your natural smile .

Why choose our dental clinic?

  • Personalized service;
  • flexible hours and extended (emergency care) ;
  • Location with good access;
  • Extensive experience invasive treatments , such as implants and fixed prosthesis;
  • Doctors with experience;
  • friendly and dynamic team;
  • cutting-edge treatments and Innovative Concepts;
  • differentiated consultation of Pediatric Dentistry;
  • differentiated consultation Odontogeriatria;
  • Endodontics mechanized ;
  • Innovation in orthodontic treatments - Incognito braces;
  • dental laboratory with emergency service;
  • Dental Spa Concept with recovery room;
  • RVG , Orthopantomography, Teleradiography in one place;
  • Cross Medicine;
  • Protocols and Health Plans;
  • Possibility of financing;
  • Training Centre.

Be happy, we will always be with you for the care you need ...

The Clinicaldent Institute team