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At the Institute of Clinicaldent Unit Entrecampos (Lisbon) and Loures (Commercial Portela Center) offer you all as dentistry specialties. Through the our ​​cutting-edge techniques and extended hours, from 8 am to 00 am. We try to adapt our knowledge for the benefit of our patients.



The orthodontic treatment aims to correct aesthetics and phonetics; Improve dental occlusion and joint problems; Promotes a better distribution of the forces exerted on the teeth , protecting them from trauma.



Revolutionary system of lingual orthodontics, ideal for people of all ages, wishing to improve his smile discreetly. An innovative treatment, supported still in few institutions clinics in Portugal.



Odontogeriatry is the area of dentistry dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of oral health problems of older patients.



The odontopediatric is the specialty of dentistry directed exclusively to the treatment of children, adolescents and patients with special needs (people with a disability).

The Periodontics is the area of dentistry dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of problems of gingival tissues of the oral cavity.

The implantology allows your dentist in your mouth replenish the lost teeth by placing dental implants in titanium and aesthetic crowns in porcelain.

Treatment of teeth affected by very large cavities that cause from mild discomfort to severe pain and in some cases abscess.

The diagnosis and treatment of problems related to the occlusion.

Treats caries with composite, tooth-colored and also the aesthetics of your smile.

Oral hygiene
It is held ultrasonic scaling, bicarbonate blasting and polishing, to remove plaque, allowing to make the gums and teeth but healthy and clean.

Teeth whitening
Through a bleaching gel that can sometimes require UV light for its effect be activated.

Prótese/ Prosthesis

Se um dente estiver muito partido ou lhe faltarem vários dentes podemos fazer próteses removíveis, facetas, coroas ou pontes devolvendo a estética e a força do seu sorriso. 

If a tooth is very broken or you are missing several teeth can make dentures, veneers, crowns or bridges returning aesthetics and strength of your smile.

Dental aesthetics

Rejuvenation technique that consists of the implantation of biomaterials by a minimally invasive procedure.

Diagnostic tests Complementary

It allows the dentist prepare a more detailed treatment plan, depending on your situation and dictate a more accurate diagnosis.


In Clinicaldent Institute seek to present, whenever possible, a wide range of solutions, studying his case as if it were the only one, in order to provide you a perfect smile and tailored to your needs. For this, we have different dentists by area such as implantology, orthodontics (braces), fixed and removable prosthetics, pediatric dentistry, geriatric dentistry, preventive dentistry, endodontics, treatment of caries, aided by a RX system RVG, panoramic radiography and teleradiography .

We performed denture repairs on the same day because we have laboratory with extended hours in the prosthetist meets the urgent needs of the repairs of their prostheses, just get in touch. Integrated prosthesis laboratory we have that allows us to treatments in one day, in which the patient is edentulous total make molds of your dental arch upper jaw and lower, and it made its study through the X-rays present in Lisbon clinic leading to his prosthesis fixed or removable.

Being our dedicated Clinic for Oral Rehabilitation (either with dental implants, crowns, bridges or veneers), we also offer treatments in all other areas of dentistry with quality and minimum prices, always using high-end products, including brand Nobel Biocare and Vitta Ceramics, for implantology.

See here all kinds of dental treatments that we perform.