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Self Prosthesis Laboratory

The Clinicaldent Institute has its own prosthesis laboratory, suitably equipped for the production of external work.Have your clinic served fast prosthetic work and quality.

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Your Prosthesis left? The Clinicaldent has Emergency Dental Prosthesis

Currently, Clinicaldent have available for extended hours of dental lab, with service to the public, from 9am to 23H, open every day, where it is done the repair on the same day!

Works produced in our laboratory:

Dentures are medical devices that allow you to replace teeth, restoring the aesthetic function, phonetics and mastication.

Today there are several treatment options for oral rehabilitation of a patient distinguished mainly between fixed prosthesis and removable prosthesis. These totals can be rehabilitating patients with a partial denture or replacing only a few teeth.

These prostheses can be removed and inserted by the patient when he so wishes.

The fixed prosthesis as the name implies, remains fixed in the patient's mouth, preventing small incidents, such as the fall of the prosthesis while the person speaks, these being placed on the tooth or on the implant.

Próteses sobre Implantes:

Different materials can be used in the confection of the teeth of the dentures: PFM, ceramic, zirconia and acrylic. Each of these materials has its advantages and disadvantages, and the dentist the best person to advise you on the material suitable for your case.